Excavators Buy & Rent

For three hours, two days or a whole year: if you need it for your construction site, you can buy and rent powerful excavators from us.

With our Takeuchi excavators, we have the right excavator for you for every use. The lightest mini excavators start from a weight of approx. 1 ton; the largest tip the scales at 15 tons. In between you’ll find the full range of mini excavators, midi excavators and mobile excavators, plus a wide range of accessory parts and attachments. If you need to be emission-free, we have electric Suncar excavators available. If you’re looking to buy an excavator, but you want to try it out first, you can rent the Takeuchi excavator you selected and request an option to purchase. How long you want to rent the mini, midi or mobile excavator for is entirely up to you.

Excavator hire

Request, load up and carry on working. In our excavator hiring service, there’s often minutes between the request and delivery of the rental excavator. In a machine park of over 4,000 machines, the right excavator is always available for you to take away immediately. Depending on how compact and how manoeuvrable the rental excavator needs to be, we will recommend either a micro, mini or a midi excavator with the right equipment. If you need our help with choosing, or have any questions about excavator rental, our team at the rental depot will be happy to assist and advise.




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