Floor saw Buy & Rent

Tarmac, concrete or screed: floor saws work their way through hard materials inch by inch. We have floor saws available for purchase and rent.

The floor saw cuts effortlessly through hard materials such as tarmac or concrete and leaves a clear cut without cracks. Floor saws are mainly found in road building or house construction for enlargements, predetermined breaking points or new openings. If you need smooth cut surfaces and clean edges, you can buy a floor saw and use it for individual construction projects. You can rent floor saws from us for short term projects – the term can be arranged flexibly according to your schedule.

Floor saws for concrete etc.

The floor saw is used whenever exact openings and cuts are needed in the ground. For example, when pipes or cables are rerouted during renovation or the staircase is extended. The floor saw is also known as a concrete cutter because hard substrates of up to 16.5 cm deep are no problem. It saws through without almost any vibration and produces an exceptionally clean cut.

Fugenschneider 400L

FS 400 LV

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