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Bestandener Meisterkurs:
From apprentices and masters

Masterful performance We all know: „No one is born a master.“ We are all the …
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Huppenkothen Huppbreak
Huppi becomes HUPPBreak

From now on our hydraulic breakers have a new type designation. Huppi has become HUPPBreak. …
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Hupptronic Assistenzsysteme
HUPPTronic assistance systems: HUPPView module

Your excavator does exactly what you want it to. The new bucket position control system …
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Huppenkothen Großebersdorf
Opening ceremony in Großebersdorf

On May 5, 2023, after the end of the pandemic, the opening of the 42nd …
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Mobilbagger TB395W V
TB395W V-P 4WS with 4-wheel-steering

The 3-series is growing Whether on narrow construction sites in urban areas, in traffic route …
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Kurzheckbagger TB350R
The new short tail excavator TB350R

The 3-series is growing The TB350R short-tail excavator is characterised by its minimal rear overhang. …
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The new Huppenkothen website
The new Huppenkothen website

The new Huppenkothen website is online! Almost according to the motto “Everything is new in …
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