Compaction equipment Buy & Rent

Whether its vibration plates, rammers or rollers, you can buy and rent compaction equipment from us to get that ground stable.

It’s no secret that a solid foundation is critical for any construction project. If excavation or removal has loosened the floor, then compaction equipment is used to close the pore spaces again. If you’re considering buying a vibration plate, renting a trench roller or hiring a rammer, we’ll have the right equipment for you in our range. The type of compaction equipment you need to use to achieve the best effect and work most efficiently will depend on the surface and soil type.

Roller, rammer or vibration plate

All soils, whether cohesive or non-cohesive, need the right compaction equipment. Cohesive soil structures are best compacted with kneading movements, and non-cohesive soils with dynamic movements. If you purchase a single drum roller, you can use it for large-scale compaction in earthworks, whereas if you rent a rammer, you usually use it for narrow trenches. There are a range of different sizes and you can buy or rent rollers, rammers and vibration plates according to your requirements.

Machine type

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