HUPPTronic Assistance Systems

Digital assistance for excavator operators – economical, comfortable and incredibly easy to operate.

We will add other assistance systems to our existing system in the course of this year. HUPPView will be available in early summer. It serves to visualise the position of the bucket edge. In autumn it will be followed by HUPPLevel which assists excavator operators with levelling and planing. The result is a modular assistance system kit that holds an individual solution for every purpose.


The intelligent lift and slewing limitation system

  • Simple and intuitive to control
  • Can be mounted on every hydraulically pre-controlled excavator model (independent of model)
  • No effect on the excavating performance 
  • Extremely accurate as magnetic field disturbance is excluded
  • Extremely accurate as magnetic field disturbance is excluded
  • Can be used combined for restricting lift and slewing or individually
  • Ready to use within one day
  • No licensing costs

We at Huppenkothen have been successfully using our HUPPLimit (formerly HUPPTronic) lift and slewing limitation system for years. Only your own limits matter. You set your limits yourself – left, right, down and up. It’s as easy as 1-2-3/ The system is intuitive to control.

The limit points for lift and slewing are reached, defined on the operator panel and confirmed. The control unit can be used universally, purely as a lifting or slewing limitation function, or as a combined lifting/slewing limitation function. Whenever a limit area is reached, the pre-control line for this movement is blocked. The position of the main arm is recorded by a tilt sensor. When the slewing restriction function is switched on, lateral offset is also blocked.

The system can be installed on every excavator within a single day.

One of HUPPLimit’s big advantages is its independence – from a direct GPS connection and other external data sources (e.g. mobile communication network). This independence from a direct network access is also possible when used underground / in tunnel construction. Additionally, no licensing costs accrue and you are not dependent on third-party suppliers.

A – Lift limit value B – Current lift position C – Slew range D – Current slew position E – Slew lock area


Bucket position control system

(Available from summer 2021)

The visualisation of the bucket edge’s position shows distances, depths and slopes. Additional measuring, batter boards and re-measuring are a thing of the past. The possibility of pre-adjusting target contours makes plane surfaces or embankments with a defined target angle child’s play. Precise vertical movements, e.g. for augers, can also be pre-adjusted. Additionally, you can store the parameters of various attachment devices. HUPPView’s main benefits are that no unwanted material is removed and that fewer work steps result in higher precision. This increases productivity and reduces costs.


Automated levelling and planing

(Available from the beginning of autumn 2021)

Automating repetitive machine movements relieves the operator and increases productivity. The semi-automatic control of the boom means that the entire levelling process can be completed with just one hand movement. With HUPPLevel, this works both towards and away from the excavator. With a simple push of a button, the system is activated and automatically recognises when the movement is complete. There is no need for the driver to reach around and the system supports a flowing workflow. Due to the possibility of a target contour, flat surfaces, slopes with a target angle or precise vertical movements for augers can be achieved.

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