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With the right accessories, the excavator can be become an earth drill, a hedge trimmer, a hydraulic breaker or demolition grippers in no time at all.

Regardless of the size of the task, with the right excavator attachments the machines can overcome any challenge, from demolition to earthmoving and recycling. If you don’t believe an excavator can also be used as a milling cutter, a hydraulic breaker or hedge trimmer, then you’re in for a surprise There’s barely any task which a Takeuchi excavator isn’t up to with the right excavator accessories. At Huppenkothen, a huge selection of excavator attachments is available from established manufacturers such as MARTIN, ALLU, ERKAT and many more. In addition to all possible sizes of buckets, the range also includes special buckets for different applications such as screening buckets, grid buckets and trapezoidal buckets. You can buy or rent special tools as required such as wood-splitting clamshells, stump grinders, milling cutters, or earth drills. Universal grabbers, demolition grabbers and hydraulic breakers are also available.

Milling cutter, hedge trimmer and pliers in one

Takeuchi excavators are not known for their versatility for nothing: the vast range of excavator accessories makes them impressive all-rounders. For demolition, the standard bucket is replaced by the demolition pliers, the grid or screening bucket makes sorting easier and finally, the compressor attachment takes care of preparing the foundation. This extensive range of excavator accessories means that a single excavator takes on a lot of construction work.

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