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TB240 canopy

The Takeuchi TB240 mini-excavator with canopy offers exceptional power, performance, a large working range and excellent equipment. Well thought-out features and the high-quality equipment guarantee efficient results. With its 4 tonne operating weight, the TB240 can be effortlessly placed wherever you need it on the construction site – for instance in the construction pit – using a crane.

  • 1st hydraulic circuit, with proportional control with 65,3 l/min
  • 6 LED worklights for optimum illumination of working area
  • Refuelling pump

Also available with cabin

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General Data
ModelTB240 ÜB
CategoryMini-excavator (1 - 5 t)
Boommono boom
Designstandard tail
Side offsetyes
hydraulically adjustable track width-
Weights and Measures
Operative weight4.020 kg
Overall width1.740 mm
Overall height2.505 mm
Tail swing radius1.365 mm
Shipping length (dozer blade in the back)5.380 mm
Work performance
Hydraulic System
Technical equipment
Confort features
Security Equipment

There is additional equipment that everyone wants. You therefore get all as standard from Huppenkothen. This makes your excavator more effective, faster and more comfortable.

Hydraulic system
4 hydraulic auxiliary circuits 3 of which have proportional control
Flow rates adjustable on the display 1st auxiliary circuit: 3 memories, 2nd/4th auxiliary circuit: 1 memory
1st hydraulic auxiliary circuit with proportional control – max. 65.3 l/min
2nd hydraulic auxiliary circuit with proportional control – max. 23.5 l/min
3rd hydraulic auxiliary circuit for hydraulic quick change plate
4th hydraulic auxiliary circuit with proportional control – max. 23.5 l/min
Detend Mode breaker line continuous operation
Hydraulic tank venting
Pilot controlled load holding valve on boom cylinder and arm cylinder
End position damping in boom and swing cylinder
Cabin with comfort equipment
Heating and radio
Suspended comfort seat with fabric upholstery
HFM (HUPPIFleemanagement) telematics system with 2 year term of use – extended for additional charge
ECO-mode and high-altitude mode for increasing efficiency
Automatic idle – r.p.m. deceleration to optimize consumption
Sun shield
Technical and safety equipment
Double air filter additional protection for the engine
Spring-loaded accumulator on parking brake
Spring-loaded accumulator on slew brake
Electric refuelling pump
Pressure accumulator for pressure relief of hydraulic circuits and emergency boom lowering
Storage compartment with on-board toolkit
Acoustic overload warning device EN474-5
LED work lights 1 x arm, 1 x frame, 2 x cab at front, 2 x cab at rear
Socket on cab roof for rotary beacon

To the front (dozer blade raised)

To the rear

To the side

Huppenkothen Schnellwechselsystem 1 Huppplate Mechanisch Produkt 01@2x


Mechanical quick-change system with HUPPTilt tilt device. Also available without HUPPTilt on request.

Huppenkothen Schnellwechselsystem 2 Huppplate Hydraulisch Produkt 01@2x


Hydraulic quick-change system with HUPPTilt tilt device. Also available without HUPPTilt on request.

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