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From apprentices and masters

Masterful performance

We all know: „No one is born a master.“ We are all the more proud of our three technicians Roman Tichy, Justin Tresky (Wr. Neudorf branch) and Thomas Haiderer (Dobl branch), who successfully completed their master craftsman course this spring. They have distinguished themselves through hard work and dedication and have taken their knowledge and skills to a new level.

Cramming instead of digging

At Huppenkothen, we don’t just work, we also study and learn. Congratulations to our apprentices who recently successfully passed their final apprenticeship examination as construction machinery technicians! We are proud of our apprentices. They have proven that that they are ready to take on the challenges of working life.

Lehrabschluss David Madlener, Konrad Faißt, Simon Mätzler (Zentrale Lauterach)
From left David Madlener, Konrad Faißt, Simon Mätzler (Headquater Lauterach)
Lehrabschluss Puck Christopher
Christopher Puck (Branch Dobl)
Lehrabschluss Thomas Kemmetmüller (Filiale Dobl)
Thomas Kemmetmüller (Branch Dobl)
Lehrabschluss Felix Nußbaumer (Filiale Regau)
Felix Nußbaumer (Branch Regau)
Lehrabschluss Jonas Gaupmann (Filiale Bergland)
Jonas Gaupmann (Branch Bergland)

Huppi becomes HUPPBreak

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