Huppenkothen sells, rents and repairs small and mini construction machines. A standardised 360° service means that the company operates as a facilitator and link between manufacturers, decision-makers on the construction site and the machines themselves. We seek to find the most effective a long-term solution for every interested party, regardless of who the customer is and the size of their budget. We search for, find, and implement optimised concepts and shake you by the hand when the job is done. All part of our tradition. Since our formation in 1956 – and as a result of the focus and specialisation of our own offer – the company has developed into one of the leading dealers and service providers in the construction and earthmoving sector in Europe.

Huppenkothen Baumaschinen
Jubiläumsfeier 2016

Quality clearly comes before quantity at Huppenkothen. Items held in stock and for sale are carefully considered and assembled accordingly. Our optimised processes mean that the 15 million replacement parts in stock are just a few clicks away, 24/7, from the customer’s operations site. This results in speed, reliability and high-quality specialist expertise. At Huppenkothen our customers become partners and partners become friends – the inevitable consequence of collaboration over many years. We are a partner who meets your requirements and listens, and a partner is guided by the actual customer requirements when organising what we do at Huppenkothen The company provides a functioning and comprehensively structured network of dealers and sales offices. These are supported by finely tuned and effective company processes which are aligned to customers’ business cycles and not vice versa. More than 200 skilled workers represent Huppenkothen in operations on a daily basis. From the apprentice who learns the knowledge and the trade detail, to the mechanic who has provided personal support to his customers over the years , through to management. As managing directors we ensure the requirements of all parties are met and share a common goal with the company: to move earth effectively and sustainably.

>> Managing Directors Martin Hofer and Wolfgang Rigo


Mission Statement

We do everything possible to help our customers in a quick and professional manner in all situations. We aim to maintain cost, price and quality leadership in the field of mini and compact construction machines, and to continue growth in our new markets.
By focusing on a narrow range we achieve:

  • Improved spare parts inventory
  • Improved employee training
  • Simpler and quicker procurement

Our successes have been possible due to flat structures, highly motivated and well trained employees and an above-average level of commitment and flexibility from all parties involved.
We achieve this by focusing on the best: compact machines which are worthwhile for customers. Here, brand loyalty is a key element in the optimal replacement parts supply and service.

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